Alt + Enter shortcut for fullscreen

  • Hello from a HaxeFlixel noob.

    I'm currently developing a "game" with HaxeFlixel, it's really more me just playing around with some graphics and sounds I fount on right now, but once I get the hang of things I may expand it and get someone to help me with original art, etc.

    But I question has to do with using an Alt + Enter shortcut for fullscreen. It seems like there is some functionality built-in for this, either in HaxeFlixel or OpenFL. Before I knew this, I tried to write my own function to do it. Well, I had some issues, and while trying to debug I commented out the code for switching to fullscreen completely. It still tries to make the fullscreen switch.

    Problem is that whatever this functionality is that is built in, it continually switches back and forth from fullscreen to windowed as long as the key combination is held, which means that whether or not you end up in fullscreen is entirely dependent on when you release the keys.

    Is there something I need to do configuration-wise (in Project.xml or wherever) to make this functionality work correctly? Can I disable it completely and write my own logic for switching to fullscreen? Probably a number of different ways to tackle it, but one of those two options would seem to be the best bet.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • Well the issue is solved. See this thread on the OpenFL forum:

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