• OKAY this is not fun. I try this, oh, it goes over there! I tried that, oh, it's in the upper right hand corner! I try this other, oh, it goes up that-a way!

    What I'm making is a tower defense. All the buildings start out as 12 pixels x 12 pixels. However, when you upgrade the tower, it gets a new graphic that makes it taller.

    if (upgradePoint == 2) 
    		//this.loadGraphic("assets/images/Turret2.png", false, 12, 27); 
    		loadGraphic("assets/images/Turret2.png", false, 12, 27); 
    		//y -= 15;
    		y -= 15;
    		//height -= 15;
    		//height += 20;
    		//var py:FlxPoint = new FlxPoint(x, 12);
    		//width = 12;
    		//height = -12;
    		//offset.y = py.y;

    So, to keep it in the same place, I change it's y position to match. The problem then is I can't build behind it anymore. Here's what happens.


    See the tower with the bright green box around it? That's the bounding box if nothing is changed. Where I want the bounding box to be is the bright red square on the tower. HOW do I do that?

  • Setting height and offset.y without calling updateHitbox() or centerOffsets() should be enough.
    Also I think recalculating the absolute height will be less error prone than changing it relative to the previous value.

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