Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

  • You guys already know about this, but let's post anyway to test the forums and to help get the word out ;)

    Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition is out now for PC!

    Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition

    Pick it up today from!

    It's on sale for 30% Off during week (May 9th - 13th 2016).

    Made with HaxeFlixel, it's an action-packed, explosive romp through top-secret terrorist base with collectable upgrades, boss fights, and more!

    Coming soon on 3DS, Wii U, Steam, and more!

  • Congratulations! Will you post a trailer, too?

  • Sweet :) I actually didn't know about this one despite hanging around haxeflixel for like years.

  • @ANTWGames there is a trailer on the page - although, it's terrible... I'm trying to work on a better one for the Steam release... :confounded:

  • this looks great. I will totally play it on my 3DS! :ok_hand_tone1:

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