Terrible performance in html5

  • I wasn't expecting amazing performance, but I can't seem to hold 30fps on a screen with 5 FlxSprites static on screen, granted some of them are 800x600 and one is animated, here's a snippet from the profiler. Any guess to what I should look into optimizing?

  • I didn't use html5, but people say that it should be used with -Dwebgl flag, do you use it?

  • what profiler is that..? I am also trying to get HTML5 working at 30fps but I have not been able to get hxScout to work since my game instantly crashes when I try to open up a windows version of the game.

  • @LangLearn-Korean I'm using the Chrome JavaScript profiler with a code map.
    I am using Dwebgl, the lag mostly seems happen on animation and alpha, so I may just remove those for the html5 version of the game.

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