Looking for a programmer to join our team

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm currently the only coder in the team of Solar Powered Games.
    We've just finished a successful kickstarter campaign and are now dedicated to finish our game Highrisers until autumn.
    Which is possible, but also ambitious if we want to stick to the level of quality we've envisioned. Which we do, of course. ;)

    Therefore, we are looking for a programmer/coder to join our project during the next month and work with us on the completion of Highrisers.

    • paid work
    • your location is not of importance - you can basically work from anywhere
    • you should have at least a decent level of experience with haxeflixel - this is not suited for total beginners
    • reliability is of utmost importance
    • you have other things going on and are not available fulltime, but you are still interested? Let's see if we can work someting out!

    If you're interested or if you have a specific question, contact me!

    Thank you.

  • Hey, I think I'll be available next month!
    Not sure yet - full-time or part-time.
    I'm making a game too, but it's at early stage and should benefit from some extra funds.


  • Hey everyone!

    Thanks to all of you who got in touch!
    We've found someone to help us with Highrisers by now.

    We will be working hard to stay on track with our release schedule!

    Many thanks,

  • I'd love to help, but I don't have time now. Good luck, guys!

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