Efficient way to do an animated, tiled background

  • So I have these three background layers that have to be translucent, tile, and move. The only problem is that I can't use FlxBackdrop for them as FlxBackdrop usually has problems with translucent images. (Usually when running the game at a lower resolution than 1080p, because I run my games at 1080p so the art looks good in fullscreen mode.) So I was thinking of using FlxSprites for them, though I'm not sure how that'd effect performance. Another reason to use FlxSprites is because one of the backgrounds is animated. My main question is: Is there a way to do this more efficiently?

    alt text

  • FlxBackdrop extended from FlxSprite, so you can animate or change it's alpha value normally?

    Edit : There is a tutorial for it : Here

  • I already figured this out a while ago (the same day I wrote this post, I think)

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