Is there project.xml settings that affect how FlxBar works???????

  • This image shows what my problem is. Each bar should be completely full but the first one is obviously doing something strange....... The 2 cyan lines on the bar are what the bar should have so thats not the problem. The problem is the cyan filled bar seems to be outside of the empty bar rather than on top of it.

    The first bar is neko with my normal project.xml settings.
    The second bar is neko with width="1152" height="648" added to the desktop project.xml settings
    The third bar is flash which also has width="1152" height="648" in its project.xml settings.
    I also tested flash without the width 1152, height 648 and it worked fine.

  • It is not the only contain of the project, is it? Because FlxBar not works like that. There must be other things affecting it. (like using Threads or... I don't know.)

  • I went back to my initial git commit right after I added the bar system a month ago and compiled it, ran in neko and it still has that bug. Before I was using flash always so did not even realize it was not working until now. It seems the flxbar class I created does not work in anything except flash since I also tried html5 and android.

    That is the classbar I am using.. nothing crazy which is why I have no idea what I need to fix for this problem.
    EDIT: It seems the problem is that non flash exports were not updating barwidth and barheight. I just put barWidth = frameWidth and barHeight = frameHeight after my switch in the ClassBar I linked and the problem was fixed.

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