Touch events in Android

  • Hello there, I am pretty new to the Haxe and HaxeFlixel Community, after completing the tutorial on the official docs AND after finishing the RPG tutorial I found here in the forums, I thought I'd try to test that tutorial on a mobile device. So I need to convert mouse clicks in my code with screen touches. I am sure it isn't THAT hard but I have struggled to find any working example involving touch events in mobile devices in HaxeFlixel, only infos about the FlxTouch class. Here's what I tried so far :

    Insead of

    if (currentAction == Walking && FlxG.mouse.justReleased)
    	var tcX = Math.floor(FlxG.mouse.x / TILE_WIDTH);
    	var tcY = Math.floor(FlxG.mouse.y / TILE_HEIGHT);

    I tried this :

    if (currentAction == Walking && FlxTouch.justPressed)
    	var touchPosition = FlxTouch.justPressedPosition;
    	var tcX = Math.floor(touchPosition.x / TILE_WIDTH);
    	var tcX = Math.floor(touchPosition.y / TILE_HEIGHT);

    When running

    lime test android

    I get the following errors:

    source/PlayState.hx:169: characters 34-54 : Class<flixel.input.touch.FlxTouch> has no field justPressed
    source/PlayState.hx:171: characters 23-51 : Class<flixel.input.touch.FlxTouch> has no field justPressedPosition

    Can anyone help me here ? Any working example involving touch events would do. Thanks !

  • To check touch input, you need to use FlxG.touches

    You can get the first touch with FlxG.touches.getFirst()
    Then you can call justPressed on it

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