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  • Does one exist? If no, is there an easy way to get a haxeflixel project up and running in VSC+Haxe Extension? I'm new to both VSC and haxeflixel, so i really dont know where to start :-/

    Thanks in advance

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    Which extension are you referring to? There's vshaxe and vscode-haxe (the former is newer and much better, but requires Haxe 3.3.0-rc1).

    I think either one of them just needs a .hxml file, which you can generate with Lime's display command, see here:

    vshaxe also has an "initialize Haxe project" that can be invoked via the Ctrl+Shift+P menu:

    Personally I'm pretty excited about vshaxe. I think it has the potential to replace HaxeDevelop for me.

  • I managed to generate the build file, and created the vscode directory using the given command. Im still getting the "Please set up the launch configuration file for your application." error when trying to run the app though. The contents of my launch.json are the same as the default:
    "version": "0.2.0",
    "configurations": []

    Im guessing there should be some arguments inthere but i have no clue

    Am I missing something? Thanks for the help btw

  • Btw i didnt realize that you cant compile/test with VSC yet, so the above instructions got everything working as far as it can be working ;)

  • Whoops nvm. You CAN compile and run in VScode when using vshaxe. So for anybody interested:

    You need a build.hxml that is one line: -cmd "lime test flash -debug"
    Then hit ctrl-shift-p and type initialize haxe and select the only option, then select your build file. Done.

    To build press ctrl-shift-b

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