How to change dinamically a texture in a Spine skeleton

  • Hi guys,

    As i'm trying to add skeletal animation support for my latest game, I stumbled upon an old problem.

    Basically, I'd like to have different characters, but have them use the same weapons/items, something like:

    skeleton.arm.texture = custom_atlas.weapon1_region.texture

    I can change the skin of the characters toggling skins but my idea was to replace the texture by code.

    Changing skins is possible by doing SetAttachment(), but that means I'd need to put the weapons on all character atlases.

    I understand that it could be possible by using AtlasAttachmentLoader(), however, I can't seem to find a proper example for Haxe.

    This would also be needed in case I add customization support. To manually pick and replace a character's features, such as the head or a hat, like:

    skeleton2.head.texture = custom_atlas4.head_region.texture

    Any tip on this would be greatly appreciated!

  • Well, after some fiddling, looks like I somewhat found something that should work (from

    I modified that snippet to get something like this...

    	var spineAtlas:Atlas = new Atlas(Assets.getText("assets/spineboy.atlas"), new FlixelTextureLoader("assets/"));
    	var region:AtlasRegion = spineAtlas.findRegion("torso");
    	var attachment:RegionAttachment = new RegionAttachment("newhead");
    	attachment.rendererObject = region;
    	var scaleX:Float = / nextPOT(;
    	var scaleY:Float = / nextPOT(;
    	attachment.setUVs(region.u * scaleX, region.v * scaleY, region.u2 * scaleX, region.v2 * scaleY, region.rotate);
    	attachment.regionOffsetX = region.offsetX;
    	attachment.regionOffsetY = region.offsetY;
    	attachment.regionWidth = region.width;
    	attachment.regionHeight = region.height;
    	attachment.regionOriginalWidth = region.originalWidth;
    	attachment.regionOriginalHeight = region.originalHeight;
    	skeleton.setAttachment("right-arm", "newhead");
 supposed to do something like this...

    alt text

    ... but crashes at runtime.

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