Setting pixels to transparent not working on HTML5

  • Hello all,
    Part of my game requires setting some pixels on a sprite to be transparent. To do this I've been using the pixels property and some of the openfl functions since there doesn't seem to be anything within haxeflixel to easily do this.

    canvas.pixels.fillRect(new Rectangle(_column * cellSize, _row * cellSize, cellSize, cellSize), FlxColor.TRANSPARENT);

    This is the line of code I'm using and on native targets it works fine, but on HTML5 the pixels are not removed. Looking online this appears to be a openfl / lime issue which was fixed but I'm guessing not in the version that haxeflixel uses.

    My question is how would I go about patching openfl / lime for use with haxeflixel or is there another way to remove pixels which works on the HTML5 target.

    flixel 4.2.0
    openfl 3.6.1
    lime 2.9.1


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