Empty project memory leak?

  • While debugging my project, I noticed that the memory usage goes up and up at about 1 MB every ten seconds, until the garbage collector kicks in and clears it up.

    I tried to find for the cause in my code but the problem is still there. So I tried creating a completely empty project, and I saw that there's the same problem there too. Of course this is in debug mode, the only mode where you can see debug stats.

    First of all I'm not sure why on the stand-alone Flash Player, it starts at a baseline of ~20 MB, whereas on Chrome, it's about 50 MB. But in both cases, both with the stand-alone player and Chrome, the memory keeps going up until the GC kicks in, then it goes back to baseline.

    alt text

    This is in a completely empty project.

    I'm not sure if this is "normal", or if it's a problem in my environment or something. Or if this happens only in debug mode. Can you guys please shed some light on this?

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    It might actually come from the debugger overlay itself, which generates a bit of garbage with the Reflection it uses for some things.

    Either way, this is not exactly a "memory leak", it would be a leak if the memory didn't get freed again by the garbage collector.

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