Error: Access denied to run lime

    • Haxe version: 3.4.0
    • Haxelib version: 3.3.0
    • Flixel version: 4.2.0
    • Flixel-tools version: 1.2.1
    • OpenFL version: 4.8.1
    • Lime version: 3.7.4
    • Windows version: Windows 10 Education

    Hello! I'm trying to begin the Tutorial (I'm absolute noob)

    and I installed Haxe, Flixel, flixel-tools, following the instructions in this link:
    Display "Acess denied." in the Command Prompt when I run this comand line:

    "haxelib run lime setup"

    I noticed that the command run doesn't work on any lib:

    "haxelib run flixel"
    "haxelib run lime"
    "haxelib run openfl"

    Always display "Acess denied." and I'm stuck.

    I'm waiting for any answer and sorry my poor english.

  • Did you try running the command prompt as an administrator?

  • What about this one: "haxelib run openfl setup"?

  • @Leonn3s

    First thing to do is downgrade openfl and lime to the versions haxeflixel uses.

    haxelib install openfl 3.6.1
    haxelib install lime 2.9.1

  • @gcardozo and @dean

    I downgrade openfl 3.6.1 and lime 2.9.1. Running the commando prompt as an administrator and try "haxelib run openfl setup" and continue "Acess denied."

    Error: Acess Denied

  • administrators

    It's interesting that you're getting "access denied" on all haxelib run commands. haxelib run will run a program in NekoVM, perhaps that is blocked by your anti-virus software or something of the sort?

    This old thread from back when OpenFL was still called NME suggests firewalls could be causing issues too:

  • Yeah, that's it.
    I fixed.

    Thank you very much.

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