FlxTypeText Callback

  • Another Question about my project.

    im Using the FlxTypeText Class FlxTypeText

     * This function calls requestText(), adds the Tutorial array and starts the animation
     * at the end increases the textstate by 1.
     * */
    public function StartText():Void
    	requestText();// Calling the function that gets the text from the Sqlite DataBase				
    	tutorialArray[textState]._text.start(0.05, false, true,keysArray,StartText);		//TODO: Fix it that after the first text is erased start the next one. 
    	textState ++;

    If i run the project now the next Text Starts already before the first one gets erased + it keeps adding text on the screen. ( i only have 4 different texts in my database but after the last one is done the first one starts again).

    Is there a way to add the next text after the first text is erased completly?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • If I understand your problem correctly, try adding a function EraseText() which is the callback from the FlxTypeText start function. In this function use FlxTypeText erase with StartText as it's callback function.

  • I ran into a similar problem during my last LD jam .. where I had to show next typeaText only after the last one was completed .. so here is how I did it. if you want you can check the game source code from here

    public function updateChoice(i:Int)
    		if(i ==  choices.length)
    		choices[i].start(0.04, true, false, null,updateChoice.bind(i+1));

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