What is the proper way to use .then() with tweens and do tweens auto recycle?

  • Right now I am doing this below. Am I supposed to use type:FlxTween.ONESHOT on both of them?

    moveTween = FlxTween.tween(moveText.scale, { x: 2, y: 2 }, .15, { type:FlxTween.ONESHOT } ).then(FlxTween.tween(moveText.scale, { x: 1, y: 1 }, .3, {type:FlxTween.ONESHOT}) );

    My other question is do tweens auto recycle? My guess is no because then whats the point of FlxTween.ONESHOT.. but I tried to create a pool of tweens to use in a group for recycling but I could not get it working.

  • @LangLearn-Korean ONESHOT is the default (so you can omit it, and the whole options param). I think they auto-recycle. I've never tried pooling them.

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