Pig Jumper

  • Hi there,

    Today I released Pig Jumper. This is a small arcade like game where you need to help Piggy fly!
    alt text

    You can play it online on gamejolt and mobile on android.

    Pig Jumper was created with HaxeFlixel in a one hour game jam. After the one hour of the jam, I invested some more time on polishing, balancing and porting the game properly. The Tools used were HaxeFlixel (flixel 3.3.11), FlashDevelop and Aseprite for the graphics. HaxeFlixel helped me especially well with its healthy ecosystem (all the tweening, animations and Color code works great and ise easily applicable).

  • Nice for an hour!
    BTW you have a type in your gamejolt link.

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