Automatic block generation tilemap

  • Is it possible to implement automatic painting of the map from the top by randomly selecting one of ten (eg) .tmx files?
    The width of the card itself should be the same (320 pixels or 10 tiles).
    To be honest, you need a rendering for the runner, but a bunch of levels to do well is very good for this kind of genre.

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    Is there a more concrete question you have? What you describe sounds possible, but I'm not sure I fully understand the question to begin with.

  • @Gama11 I want to make an infinite map in length (height) and I have several templates for maps in .txt format. I do not want to make a card of 10,000 tiles (10,000 * 32) long, and gradually, depending on the player's passing obstacles, load a random fragment of 10 templates (each for example will be 500 tiles long).

    I can provide a demo of the game if necessary.

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    I see what you mean now. In theory, that should be possible by dynamically creating new FlxTilemap instances. There's definitely no built-in support for this though, so you would have to come up with your own logic.

    I vaguely remember somebody doing something very similar to this, and he ran into some issues here and there (with collisions at the point where the two tilemaps meet, or something of the sort). I don't think it was in a forum thread, so nothing I could link you to unfortunately.

  • @Gama11 Thanks, I will try to search on the forum this topic or something related to this

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