MonoGame or HaxeFlixel

  • Hi,

    I'm used to using GameMaker and Unity but I want to have more control over developing games.

    MonoGame and HaxeFlixel seem like good choices but I can't find the pros and cons of each.

    I'm confident with both languages and I'm not interested in developing for mobile platforms at the moment.

    Would you be able to share you knowledge of what could be best to use?


  • I've tried a bit of MonoGame and a bit more of HaxeFlixel and I give my vote to HaxeFlixel. I like the logic of the engine and the way thing are structured. Before choosing HaxeFlixel I had used other versions of Flixel. At some point I even tried porting Flixel to C# ( but abandoned that plan after finding HaxeFlixel. So I'd say go for HaxeFlixel.

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  • Yay!
    Welcome aboard! :D

  • I tried both. Honestly, HaxeFlixel is "better" IMO because:

    • You get a web/HTML5/Flash replacement. Silverlight is dead.
    • You get native runtimes and really, really, really small apps. The default HaxeFlixel app for Android is like 3MB. With Monogame, ugh.

    IMO, those are both really good reasons to favour HaxeFlixel over Monogame. Which is why I'm using HaxeFlixel...

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