updateBuffers() not working

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to implement a zoom out, but for some reason, the map gets cut, and can't solve it by updating the buffers.

    Basically, I do:

    var cam:FlxCamera = FlxG.camera;
    _zoomCam = new FlxZoomCamera(Std.int(cam.x), Std.int(cam.y), cam.width, cam.height, cam.zoom);
    _zoomCam.follow(player, FlxCameraFollowStyle.TOPDOWN, 5);
    _zoomCam.zoomMargin = 1.3;
    _zoomCam.zoomSpeed = 2;
    // Reset the camera list by replacing the default cam with _zoomCam

    I'm using FlxTileMapExt (for slopes) and Tiled to do maps.

    For other features, I can easily access the foreground tiles, but if I do:

    var tilemap_foreground:FlxTilemap = cast(level.foregroundTiles.members[0], FlxTilemap);

    And zoom out by doing _zoomCam.targetZoom += -0.25; I get this:

    alt text

    Here's the whole level for reference:

    alt text

    Tweaking FlxG.camera.setScrollBoundsRect doesn't help either.

    I'm at the end of the rope here. Tried everything but not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Is there a way to solve this? Or to remove the fustrum altogether? Because also, the other sprites do disapear :( -- this wouldn't be a problem since the maps would be rather small.

    Any info on this would be super appreciated. Thanks!

  • Well, I guess I solved the issue :)

    Basically, what I did, was to extend 100 tiles the UpdateColumns() and UpdateRows() on FlxTilemap, also, changed the onScreen() to always return true. This could cause performance issues, but it is only used on small maps, for versus mode, so... is OK in this case.

    Zoom out
    alt text

    Zoom in
    alt text


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