ui skin ?

  • how i can custom theme button ?
    default button not good , dont know change font? i also want change background of button, color, hover tween, more,
    i want button look nice, is library?

  • Here's some examples.

    To change graphic:

    loadGraphic("assets/img/ui/button.png", true,142, 37));

    (you need an image with 3 states: normal, over, pressed), like this one:

    alt text

    To change sound:

    onOver.sound = FlxG.sound.load("rollover2");
    onDown.sound = FlxG.sound.load("click");

    To change the font of a button, size, color and aligment

    label.setFormat("assets/font/kenpixel_blocks.ttf", 22, FlxColor.BLACK, "center");	

    To change the text of a button

    label.text = "Coop";

    That would be it, i guess. Cheers!

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