Sprite won't stop moving after key released

  • Hello,

    I just started to use haxeflixel and i'm doing the basic tutorial to get familiar with this framework.

    Hower I got a little problem with my sprite control, I've follown everything in the tut but when I test it, time to times, the sprite got a delay before starting to move and some time it continues to move even after I release the key, it's like the drag does not apply correctly.

    Has any one got an idea of what the problem is ?

    Best regard,


  • EDIT : I think I've got my answer.

    I was debugging with the HTML5 compiller, and after testing with the windows and flash compiller, the problem seems to have disappeared.

    My guess is that, as in the tutorial the move function is binded to the update function, the game listen for the command at each frame. As the problem seems to appear only on web compilled app, the problem could be that some frames are skipped due to limited performance of the brother, and thus the drag won't apply or the move function is not called right away.

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