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  • helo everyone.. i am graduate from public administration major.. and i am learning programming language 2 months ago with zero knowledge/experience about coding.. choose haxeflixel because awesome Lars blog show what haxeflixel capable off..

    with zero knowledge, my main source about coding are all the tutorials and a cheat sheet.. and sadly i only know what is taught in the tutorial.. example: sure i know what getRandom do.. but how to implemented that in real code? because there is no tutorial used this function, i set this function randomly in some point where is i think this function will work.. off course it didnt work.. LOL..

    for rookie like me, tutorials and cheat sheet are best place for me to understand using haxeflixel.. i want more function added in cheat sheet.. and last sorry for my bad knowledge, if i asking too much and my poor english ..

  • Hi,
    We have some tutorials and docs here:
    And some demos here:
    For every demo you can view the source by clicking "Source" button
    Also you can check my Ludum Dare 34 game sources here (with commit history):

  • Hey :)

    Other things you might want to check out:

    (None of this is made by me btw).

  • thanks starry and Ken for direction..didnt know there is such event.. i would come if ludum dare held in my country (Indonesia) although i only see and poke around..

    i am aware off the documentation and the demo.. i even read the book too (such haxe for beginner).. spend first month only read all the documentation.. confuse and only get the pain in the head.. latter try the tutorial and my impress "wow so much fun".. and begin to make my own game by cheating from all existing tutorial.. x01010111 and haxecoder are my main tutorial cheat.. and off course from google, stackoverflow and github too..

    now im stuck where is i want my game to do something which no tutorial apply such function.. first i would ask in help thread.. but i am afraid my question too basic and too embarrassing to be asked..

  • Dude don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm an IT student so you'd expect me to be able to code and do some amazing programming stuff, but the truth of the matter is I don't know it all. I never understood Java until this semester in my university (which is like 2 - 3 years late).

    There are no dumb questions (unless you go into a programming forum and ask them what is the square root of carrots - that's a whole different level). I'm not even that good at HaxeFlixel yet (just picked the language up a week ago) and already I asked what I consider a basic question if your a HaxeFlixel pro.

    tl:dr - Don't be afraid to ask questions, it's what keeps us learning. I suggest experimenting

    EDIT: By experimenting, I mean try to think of the simplest game concept (like moving from x to y) then build up from there.

  • @KenAthomos said:

    Dude! That's from the original Flixel in Flash. Use this instead: HaxeFlixel API

  • i think same. the haxeflixel documentation is not manual and not handbook . the haxeflixel documentation now is something like a GLOSSARY OF THERMS ... not more. impossible with zero knowledge(in this language etc), make some live project, after read the official site docs.
    good docs need not only code examples, but syntax examples too. yes , it were big, but now, docs only can help if you know(+understand) and forgot... then read and remembered... but if you don't know you just kill your time and health.
    i second day can't find solution that use timer...i try FlxTimer, FlxGame.ticks, update inside elapsed parameter... but result is zero... null. it kill me...faster
    ... english is not my native

  • @DleanJeans said in More Cheat Sheet:

    @KenAthomos said:

    Dude! That's from the original Flixel in Flash. Use this instead: HaxeFlixel API

    I thought it would be useful as it did answer some of my own questions concerning HaxeFlixel.

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