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  • Helo! So, after leave GamMaker: Studio behind due its price, I was suggested in reddit to use HaxeFlixel. Well... what I found is nothing similar to GameMaker. All this is confusing for me, and make see I'm such a beginer.

    So, sorry if it sound noob, but. What's HaxeFlixel? It supose to be a game engine, but... it' out of what I understand as "game engine". I mean, GameMaker had its own language, its own IDE... I don't know what's this.

    So, I undertand that Haxe is a language, that's right. So, please, say me: What is OpenFL? And what is HaxeFlixel itself? I'll use FlashDebelop as IDE, and don't know what's the diference beetwin programing using Haxe, and HaxeFlixel. I mean: Is HaxeFlixel another language focused on games? What does "game engine" mean in this case?

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  • Exelent explaitaion. A lot of doupts ran ut!

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