Understanding Lighting in HaxeFlixel

  • I'm currently trying to understand how I can add lighting to my game. I've recently been referring to this demo by sano98 http://forum.haxeflixel.com/topic/14/so-i-ve-built-this-little-thingy-for-lighting
    I'm quite new to openFL and haxeFlixel, so I'm hoping someone could provide a description of what exactally is happening. I understand that the idea is to add a layer above the game, stamp out the light, and blend it with the other layer but can't seem to understand the code. also, if there are any references that I'm missing out on (and I've looked around a lot) , could someone please share. I seem to have trouble finding documentation and examples of something that I presume has been done quite a lot before. Thanks for your time.

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