Good tips on managing a consistent framerate?

  • I'll leave my system specs at the bottom (not sure if they are relevant).

    I am following the HaxelFlixel Tutorial. I finished the part where enemy entities are added, as well as coins. I am using the OGMO tile editor.

    My problem is that when I compile my program in Flash Develop to either a standalone flash debugger or an HTML5 page, my program/game suffer's framerate problems that are pretty harsh. The FPS sometimes drops to 17 fps when all my player character is doing is collecting coins.

    My program runs just fine compiled to windows. No FPS drop.

    I noticed the FPS drop gets even worse when I increase the 'tween' animation length of the coins.

    This fps drop is confusing me because I am simply following the tutorial.

    So I was wondering, does anyone have any good advice/best coding practices on how to avoid low FPS? I know haxeflixel is a great framework, I've played spectacular games that have been developed on it, that run on my system very smoothly, even in a browser.

    So what can I do to prevent low FPS? (Generally)

    My system specs:
    Thinkpad t420, Running windows 7
    8GB ram, SSD
    Graphics Card: Intel HD 3000
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50GHz

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