Problem with sharing image + text on Facebook

  • Hi,

    Today I'm trying to share things using the OpenFL extension-share:
    At first, I was sending some text, such as "I dare you to beat 1642 pts" with a link to download the game from Google Play.
    It was simple, but the user could change the text and cheat with his score before sharing it to his favorite social app.
    So I've added a generated image with the score written on it.

    And now, I've just discovered that this share stuff is working on everything but Facebook. Instead of receiving the image and the text with the precious download link, it only shows the image. And if I don't provide the image, it only shows the link without the text.

    The weird thing is that if I open an url directly using the Facebook sharer.php, it works, but I can't provide the generated image.
    ex: shareUrl = "" + url + "&picture=" + picture + "&title=" + title + "&caption=" + caption + "&quote=" + quote + "&description=" + description;

    The author of the share lib doesn't seem to be more advanced on the subject then that:

    So does anyone already managed to do that: share a text + link + generated image (not already hosted on a server) to Facebook? From Android? (and maybe iOS...)

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Ok, no need for help, I've found it:
    Facebook is BROKEN by design :(

    Edit: if you are not a Facebook "developer", here's another link with some explanations...

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