Platformer Game with Ladders - Help!

  • Hi all, wanted to make a 2D platformer similar to the old Montezuma's Revenge but I'm having a bit a trouble with handling ladders. Right now I have a tilemap in .tmx format with several layers, I figured it would be best to make the "climbable" tiles (ladders, vines, etc) in a separate layer which I could then check collisions against. Ultimately I would like to detect if the player is within a certain tolerance inside the ladder tile that he would be centered on it and then put into a climbing state. Not really sure how to approach this, or if I'm even thinking of it the best way. Any advice, code snippets or examples of this? Thanks!

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    The "Project Jumper" demo has ladders:

  • @Gama11 Man, how did I miss that! Cool.

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