• Hi everyone!!

    Im Miguel, im a student of "Universidad Tecnologica Nacional - Cordoba" from Argentina, and I would be delighted to be able to collaborate with the community. A community group has emerged at my university to teach different technologies, free of charge, and here I will begin to teach a HaxeFlixel course. I wanted to know if I would contribute with the community doing tutorials and courses in Spanish, since I have not found much in this language.

    Thank you very much!

    PS: also, to know what other ways could contribute, including coding.
    PS2: I leave this topic for presentations, I did not find a similar one in the forum

  • Please do Miguel. A lot of us could benefit from it :)

  • I think u are the same Alv from Youtube xD that's crazy... thnks a lot!! i'll try to give my all to help the community!!

  • Hey! Que grande encontrar los genios de la UTN por acá! No es la primera vez que la UTN se manda con Haxeflixel y ver que tengan más presencia, ahora, dentro de la comunidad es fantastico.

    Haxeflixel rockea. Hice un proyecto entero con el (devlog en Haxeflixel). Yo soy de Buenos Aires, si necesitás cualquier cosa para algun o tutorial o algo, avisame que me prendo!

    English TL;DR: Haxeflixel rocks, Im up to contribute to the community :D

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