How to lime test multiple Apps on Android

  • Hi, sorry for the n00b question. I'm having difficulty testing more than one app on my phone and suspect it has something to do with AndroidManifest.xml and/or Project.xml.

    I can test an app on my phone while it's plugged in by doing:

    lime test android

    Then I notice always in the messages:

    Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cmp=com.example.myapp/.MainActivity }

    And after I build it will either take the place of the last app I tested, or the app will crash until I uninstall any other app I had been testing.

    I have in Projects.xml a line at the bottom to specify which template AndroidManifest.xml and have renamed the package field in both AndroidManifest.xml and Projects.xml to unique names and still when I do lime test I see the message like in the code block above showing "com.example.myapp" like I missed something.

    I can only seem to build and install one app on my android phone to test at a time, have to uninstall any app I'm testing to test any other project.

  • @silencer98 Sorry all for the waste of a first post.

    I figured out my issue was that I did not have a package field in this line of my Project.xml, and it had to match the package field in AndroidManifest.xml.

    	<app title="MyGreatProject" package="com.silencer98.mygreatproj" file="com.silencer98.mygreatproj" main="Main" version="0.0.1" company="silencer98" />

    So, just silly mistake I not having that caused all my packages to be building with the default com.example.myapp name.

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