Strange fps problem in FlashDevelop.

  • Hi, when I build a flash game through FlashDevelop the stand alone debug player launches as it should but plays my game at 30 fps.

    If I then launch the game manually the same debug player runs it at 60fps.

    I also tried building the game through Sublime Text and it runs the game through the debug player at 60fps so It's definitely a FlashDevelop issue.

    Is there some setting in FlashDevlop which forces the 30fps.

    I would like to stick with FlashDevelop but this issue is really annoying.

  • Probably you were running in Debug mode in which FlashDevelop connects to the debug player which may slow down the game.

  • @DleanJeans Thanks, but I don't think that's it. It happens with an empty project.
    I've been googling it and it seems to be a flex sdk issue with no actual solution.

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