Performance issue on Firefox

  • Hello!

    I'm trying to optimize my game for all browser, but encountered a problem with Firefox.

    While chrome gives a decent fps of 30 and above, Firefox barely gets to 20.

    While optimize the code and game logic (removing scaling, rotation, operations with transparency etc.) I've turn into comments every single line of my code except for those used in standard empty template.

    This operation improved performance to 23-25 fps

    To eliminate possible issues with my system or Firefox I've run empty project, created from template, and it gave me 55-58 fps

    Where does Firefox spent resources to while running an almost empty project? How I can deal with this?

    Below is a screenshot of console while running almost empty project. What is happening in Draw function when there are no objects added?
    alt text

  • While I was porting my game to HTML5 (here's the devlog on that chapter) I managed to get stable 60 to 40 fps on Firefox.

    I set the FPS to max 40 on Firefox, and added a friendly message that asks the user to switch to Chrome for better performance, if not running from Chrome.

    Setting your max fps to 30, 40 will make the game playable without the hitching/stutter that Firefox likes to do. However, if in a empty project you achieve around 55 fps, that means there's something that could use some optimization on your game.

    Can you show us your game? Video or pictures will be fine.

  • Thanks a lot for reply, the prototype is here

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