MenuState.hx is missing after >flixel tpl –n “NewGameName”...How can it be created

  • Hi - Complete newbie here. I did complete Mike's tutorial on gamefromscratch though, in which we deleted the MenuState.hx class. However, now, when I try to create a new game project, MenuState.hx is missing--the Source files are only AssetPaths.hx, Main.hx, and PlayState.hx. Any idea how the MenuState.hx class can be auto-generated again?
    Hope this is easy. Thanks!

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    So you want to have a MenuState so you can follow the tutorial and delete it? :D

    Jokes aside, MenuState is not part of the default template anymore. You can just duplicate PlayState.hx and replace the class name.

  • That was actually a pretty good joke Gama11. Made me smile. I was about to follow another, I suppose older, tutorial that used MenuState. Thanks for your reply.

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