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  • SuperBoats 2 is my first HaxeFlixel game I put some effort into!

    SuperBoats 2 page

    About SuperBoats 2

    A challenging, uncomplicated arcade battle.

    How to play:
    The gameplay is straightforward: you pilot a small boat along with some ally boats, and fight the powerful enemy warships. But there's plenty of room for error: a as a split second mistake will send you crashing into a barrage of missiles. Learn to use your weapons and master the exciting drifting controls. Protect and lead your allies in a daring deathmatch against a slow-moving but heavy-hitting team of enemies. The game gets progressively more challenging each level.

    Information about controls is on the page!

    Please try it out and let me know what you think!

    Finally, if anyone is interested, the source is available

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