Why is HaxeFlixel Patreon so dead?

  • I'm interested in donating to help the project, but the Patreon page is not updated since february/2016, so I don't feel motivated.

    HaxeFlixel Patreon should offer something like forum badges for supporters.
    The Phaser Patreon, for example, is much more attractive:

  • there was an indiegogo campaign ran by defender's quest awesome devs to get funds to hire alexander hohlov for a year and they ended up making 2x the money so if i'm not mistaken that's the way haxeflixel's development is mostly funded at this time

  • Yes, I remember the campaign, but if the project had more money, they could hire more people to work full time on it, run tests, improve the documentation, pay hosting costs, etc.
    Well, I don't see a reason to not invest some more time improving the Patron page and I can't see how making more money wouldn't help HaxeFlixel.

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