HTML5 FlxText WordWrap issue

  • I have a FlxSpriteGroup which I call 'Node', which contains FlxText and a class I created that extends FlxSprite called MyRect which is just a rectangle with a background color. As seen in the pictures below, I take input from the user (in the cyan field) and when the user presses enter, I add a 'Node' which contains FlxText and a MyRect with an orange background to the screen.

    When targeting the Neko platform and inputting a very long string, word wrapping works as expected. However, when I target HTML5, the word wrapping does not appear to be working and the text clips off of the contained area. Does anyone know of a solution to prevent the HTML5 text from clipping off and producing a behavior like Neko?



  • I've solved my issue. It turns out the problem is when the string entered has no breaks (new line or spaces). If there are new lines or breaks, the text won't clip off the edge like it does in the pictures I linked.

    If anyone happens to have the issue I had, I recommend taking a look at the link below. There is a fix which 'breaks' long strings so they do not clip off the edge :).

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