How to stop HTML5 from freezing when I lose focus?

  • If for example I click away from my application, the game will freeze until I focus it again. This is not the pause problem since I did add FLX_NO_FOCUS_LOST_SCREEN. That just gets rid of the pause button.

    I am making a multiplayer application and would like to application to keep running when it isn't on focus. Is this possible?

  • Possibly try FlxG.autoPause = false;

  • Hi I did try that :), The application does still run in the background, its just that the user won't see the application running unless they focus the application again.

    For example:
    x = 3. If the user clicks outside the application, and x = 6, they won't see the update of x = 6 until they focus the application again. There seems to be this jquery example that I could implement into the html5 myself, I guess I will give that a try. I don't have two computers ready to debug with me at the moment.

  • This post is deleted!

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