FlxBitmapText does not show after setGraphicSize()

  • Hey,

    This is the first game I am developing and I love HaxeFlixel so far. But I can't get my head around resizing and positioning FlxBitmapText. I have to set the size and position in relation to another element. To get the right width and height, I do updateHitbox() after resizing. But when I do that, I only get an empty red box in debug mode...

    I am targeting cpp (ios, android, mac) with flixel 4.2.1

    alt text

            var percentage = GameMGMT.getPercentage(world, i);
            var percentageTxt = new FlxBitmapText(Design.BITMAPFONT);
            percentageTxt.text = percentage + "%";
            var percentageHeight = Math.floor( levelBtn.height * 0.25 );
            percentageTxt.setGraphicSize(0, percentageHeight);
            //Center text on Button
            var percentageY = levelBtn.y + Math.floor( levelBtn.height * 0.6);
            var percentageX = levelBtn.x + Math.floor( ( levelBtn.width / 2) - ( percentageTxt.width / 2 )  )  ;
            percentageTxt.setPosition(percentageX, percentageY);

    I think I am approaching BitmapFonts totally wrong, but I am out of ideas... Can you give me some advice, how to use them correctly?

    Thank you so much!

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