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  • Hey mate! The updated screenshot looks delicious!

    I was wondering myself ifFlxG.stage.quality = flash.display.StageQuality.BEST and setting in project "antialiasing X" makes a difference. Look like so in some platforms?

    I don't want to hijack your tread much, but thanks for trying it! And yes, the text is a issue. Well, everything that scales up is an issue.

    Not sure if doing it the right way... but check this full hd screenshot. Game resolution is 1024x576, so naturally scales up a bit blurry. Using hi-res versions of images and using scale.set(0.5,0.5) and antialiasing, helps to preserve quality when it scales up.

    This is great, because different resolutions could be used. One for the game, one for the UI.

    The only problem I'm facing with this method is that doing animations, using a FlxTween for example, is that you need to remember the scale, since 1,1 isn't the default anymore. But I think that FlxSprite could be hacked to... add quality ratio or something?


    _internalscale.x = _internalscale.y = scale;

    ... then all FlxSprite calls to image changes, will take into account this factor ( ie spr.scale +=_internalscale)

    I guess I'm gonna try this one out. Keep updating your dev log in the meanwhile!

  • Hey Claudio, I'm thrilled you tried out the scaling trick and Thanks for the support I will of course continue to update the dev log as long as it continues to help devs :D . So to get right down to business in order to have the tween work properly and not be offset right after the scale use updateHitbox(); this should make the FlxSprite be in the correct position and hitbox. Therefore Fix Tweening!


    • ratio
    public static function scaleRat(obj:FlxSprite, scale:Float)
    		obj.scale.set(scale, scale);
    • Dimensions
    	public static function scaleDemXY(obj:FlxSprite, dx:Int, dy:Int):FlxSprite
    	obj.scale.set(1 / obj.width * dx, 1 / obj.height * dy);
    	return obj;

    Try this out and let me know if it works out :) .As always feel free to add on pose any questions.

  • Gonna try ASAP! Thanks for helping out a bro! Keep posting about your project!

  • The Unofficial IOS haxeflixel BUILD Cheat Sheet

    *Note Hello It's been way too Long since I've posted so sorry about that But here is a reference to future Devs Going through similar struggles with IOS, Suggested to do this by the nice people over on the HaxeFlixel Discord.


    • Mac computer (recommended with the most updated OS version)
    • An IOS device (since the simulator is extremely awful and runs at 5fps)
    • Registered personal or licensed ios team if you need help doing this follow this guide
    • Latest version of HaxeFlixel and hxcpp 3.4.64

    Go to project Directory

    Next you want to get to the project directory. You could use cd commands in terminal to do so but what I enabled instead which makes it much faster is go here. mac -> icon -> System Preferences
    alt text
    then go to Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services -> scroll down and check True - New Terminal At Folder
    alt text
    Once you have that you should be able to right click or Command-click your project Folder and click new terminal at folder.


    Inside your project directory input this command into terminal.

    lime build ios -Dsource-header=haxe -IPHONE_VER=9.3

    Once that happens you should get an error saying somthing along the lines of needs Code Signing don't panic.
    What you need to do now is go into your project export folder go to ios and open your .xcode project file


    You've successfully made it to Xcode you're through all of the hard parts, Congrats!
    Now What you want to do is find your BuildTime project and double click on it
    alt text
    Now there is a chance that this window may be set to open project not target in this image it does
    alt text
    I can tell because it has the xcode icon rather than the ThinQbator icon so I want to click on it and change it.
    alt text
    then look at signing and change team from none to either your account listed or "Add an Account..." If you don't have an account follow this tutorial
    alt text
    Now once you set it up properly it should say somthing like this.
    alt text


    now for the fun part to see your app Work!
    At the top where you see Generic IOS device click on that, this should come up
    alt text
    Move your mouse up while on the drop down untill you see devices if you have one plugged in it should be there, click it, press the play button to the left and it should start building on your phone! It will give you a progress update in the middle section if you want to see the logs right click you application in build time the one you previously double tapped and go to "Reveal in Log".

    There you have it! I hope the images helped, and this Cheat Sheet helped you :) If you're still stuck or have any questions feel free to reply back on this devlog or DM me on twitter, Cheers.

  • alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey Guys the Dev Log has hit 1,000 views! that's incredible thank you so much for your continued support on reading.
    alt text

    So Right after publishing my iOS cheat sheet luck came through and we got verfied by apple for TestFlight beta testing so that's great news for us :D
    alt text

    I want to give just a little news feed for this app's timeline integrated with news on openfl and haxeflixel.

    • Currently still waiting to get another status update on the dev version of haxeflixel that will be compatible for openfl 6
    • The app has a very tight nit beta testing group but with a massive list of things to do already we won't be pushing out an open beta until those things are done so expect some more time.
    • For the app being social media focused our team is looking for a good way to implement remote push notifications for mobile( IOS and android) that can integrate with our openfl-networking servers.
    • Our app uses bazzisoft's openfl native text for mobile which currently supports only single line text but I was able to add multiline text support for android but not for iOS which is a bummer so currently looking for a solution.
    • Issues with finding a good way to open up the camera take a picture and grab the bitmap data for both iOS and Android
    • Wanted to try to move to next support but had this issue

    Oh and new work in progress Ui by Scotty, Super Exciting!
    alt text

  • Hello HaxeFlixel Devs,
    It's been quite a while since I've posted here. I've had some of my greatest moments using haxeflixel and talking to the community. People like Omnivore , Claudio, Squidly, CharlieRiot and And0 continue to inspire me by there presence and ability to use HaxeFlixel in insanely awesome ways!

    That said, currently for the past few months I have stopped using haxeflixel in favor of OpenFL mainly for SVG support. Haxeflixel is still my favorite framework to build games but for a non game focused UI App/website I don't gain any benefit using HaxeFlixel over OpenFL.

    If any devs are looking for a more ui focused framework and not game centric be sure to check out my underline OpenFL ui framework I use for ThinQbator called App here

    If you would like to continue to follow ThinQbator's development
    My Twitter DM's are open if you would like to contact me.
    ThinQbator's Twitter

    Good luck HaxeFlixel I can't wait to see what you'll become once you get to the latest openFL version. And when that happens I'll be sure to have my App framework have haxeflixel support for a ui, game mix!

  • Good riddance my friend. You guys managed to come up with one of the most beautiful UI I ever saw on HaxeFlixel. Kudos for you and can't wait to see you working on games!

  • alt text
    Hey There haxeflixel community, I thought I'd update everyone that the project has finally launched! The app is completely free and we are looking to grow the community and we'd love to have you join us!


    • Website
    • IOS
    • Android
      Countries other than the United States may not be supported as our legal team is very small sorry :(

    Full post is on the OpenFL community page: here

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