Strange Html5 Error

  • I use Std.'whatever' a lot in my games I guess. And it's critical in some examples for doing collisions for example

         if (, FlxParticle))
    	removeTile(cast Tile);

    and the like. HOWEVER. Every time I have tried to export my game to Html5 I get the following error at the start of compile:

    C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\std/Std.hx:25: characters 7-87 : Please don't add haxe/std to your classpath, instead set HAXE_STD_PATH env var
    Build halted with errors (haxelib.exe).

    I guess not using Std is out of the question. BUT that appears to be a haxe issue I think?

    Do I need to update my haxe version, provided, haxeflixel will run on it?
    Do I need to add or change anything in my code to make it happy?
    If so, using the above collision example, what do I change?

  • You may need to do a reinstall. It seems to fix the problem.
    On the side, you can install Haxe latest builds which HaxeFlixel should work just well in.

  • Well, okay, but it seems rather silly to do.

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