Derhier Elementar 2 - Multiplayer-Minigame-Madness

  • Currently I am working on a game with many small minigames. My goal was to make a MiniGame a week and to use a new HaxelFlixel-Technology for each minigame if possible.

    I missed my goal. Last week i was not able to make a new minigame! :(
    But I decided to write this devlog.

    The game will be a local-multiplayer game for up to 4 Players. Every minigame is playable with a gamepad because I really like to play competitive games with my friends on the couch.

    The first minigame was a simple button smasher game. Every player has to push as many buttons as possible within 10 seconds. The player with the highest button-smash-rate will jump higher than the others. This game was just to warm up again with haxeflixel.
    Derhier Elementar tp outer space

    The second minigame was a port of my first game Derhier Elementar. I had to redo something because of the new HaxeFlixel Version and to fix some stuff.
    It is a 2d Arena shooter. There are two game modes Deathmatch and Life-Mode. Wurmholes which teleports and blackholes which change the direction of a player or a missile are also included.
    alt text

    The third game is a jump and run survival game. The player who is leaving the camera dies. There are 2 game modes(camera moves left or up). My goal was to use Spriter for animations because I am really bad at art. A second goal was to generate random platforms. It worked and the game is fun :)
    alt text

    In the next minigame you have to destroy stones by pressing the button with the same color on the gamepad. The first one who finished his stack wins. No specific goal with this game just strengthen my Spriter and Haxeflixel knowledge.
    alt text

    The next minigame is a four corner Pong clone. Every player has 3 lives. if the player dies his goal gets a wall. Because of the rectangular physicbodies of haxeflixel i had to use nape for collision. now the player can rotate his pongbars 45 degrees to the left and right and the ball bounces correctly.
    alt text

    The next minigame was a idea of my wife. You have to destroy rocks between your hands.The rocks fall from the top of the screen and you have to crush them at the bottom of the screen. There are 2 modes: 1 Button-Mode and Freemode. In 1-Button-Mode you just have to push one button to clap your hands. In freemode you can control the left hand with the left stick and the right hand with the right stick.

    I will update a gif for this game.

    The game i'm working on right now is a top-down racing splitscreen game. The maps will be generated using tiled. There will be some Items like bananas and homing missiles. When I'm finished, i will upload a gif.

    I also made a standing screen with results from the last minigame and an overall result for all minigames. There is also a description for every minigame. From this state(FlxState) you can start the game or run a testmode.

    I am getting better and better using HaxeFlixel with every minigame so the learning effect is great and in the end I have a great game that I can enjoy with my friends.

    Sorry for my bad english! :)

  • I forgot a minigame yesterday:
    In this minigame every player must collect small atoms in a 2d arena. Everyone can change the gravity to prevent other players from collecting. There are moving saws that are also influenced by the gravity.

    alt text

  • The last weeks i was short on time. So again, no new minigame this week. But I prepared the description states for the minigames. The first iteration was a description state with programmed descriptions. It was a lot of work to code a description for every game and the results weren't good. So i searched for new solutions.

    The first approach was with gifs. I could easily make gifs of the game to show the different actions.
    If found 2 librarys to load gif-files in haxe. The first was:
    It's easy to use, but I couldn't load my gifs from gifcam.

    so i searched and found this great library The possibility to load gifs asynchron sounded great. It worked. But the loading time for the gifs was too long.

    I searched for a new solution and found
    Videos... sounds great. But I couldn't get it to run.

    so i came back to the gifs. I builded a loading screen with substates and a possibility to load the gifs in the background. The result is good. But i have to test it on another PC/Laptop with lower specs and improve the loading screen with a little animation or something.

    Here is the result for the description for the Pong-like game:
    alt text

    Now i have to make gifs for every action in every minigame. The gifs will be low fps to keep the memory requirements as low as possible but I think this is a good solution for the amount of minigames i want to create.

  • I cannot decide which minigame I want to build next. So I made some more improvements around the minigames.

    Every player can choose his/her name but you had to type it in with a keyboard.
    The Problem: you sit with your friends on a coach in front of the television and you don't have a keyboard at hand. (happen often to myself! :) )

    My solution is a input mechanic for every player at the joining screen with the gamepad. I got the inspiration from old arcade games.

    here is the result. I think it's great!
    alt text

  • So here are some new infos about the next minigame.
    It will be a fun racer with splitscreen. There will be rockets, turbos, mines and turbo fields.

    There is a lot of work to do. I am not satisfied with the controls right now. It doesn't feel smooth. Sound and music is missing too.

    But here is a small gif:
    alt text

  • Currently I am cleaning up everything. On wednesday some friends and I are planning to play some couch multiplayer games. Hopefully we can play some rounds of Derhier Elementar 2. I need some feedbacks before I can progress with the next minigame.

    Right now I'm facing a "designing blockade". Hopefully I will get motivated from wednesday, so the feedback has to be motivating! :)

  • I finished it.
    I cleaned everything up and now it is ready for the release.

    If you want to test it:

    You need a controller to play it!

  • This looks really fun! Good luck!

  • Thank you! :)

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