Tiled Polyline collision

  • Hello, I'm a complete beginner to this framework and I'm loving it.
    I'm trying to make a top-down game. I'm using Tiled for the maps. I've got the rendering of the map done correctly.
    I'm using a polyline object to make the walls of the collision but I don't know how to handle them in the game.
    All that I've got is an array of FlxPoint that are the coordinates of the vertices of my polyline.
    I can't use the FlxNapeTilemap because the polyline isn't tile-based but map-based.
    Can someone help me?

  • administrators

    You could probably just have a single (invisible) Nape Body with a polygon shape that handles the collisions.

  • @gama11 I thought about doing so
    I'm going to try to do so.
    Thank you very much

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