Fullscreen blur for native targets

  • Hi guys!
    How to make blur effect for entire screen for native targets? For flash and html5 bitmap filters work perfectly but only for them.
    For android I tried to use shaders and -Dnext. I get compile errors every time. Even demo with bunnies does not work. Works only for Neko for me.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android SDK\tools\ant\build.xml:716: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android SDK\tools\ant\build.xml:730: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.
    Total time: 3 seconds
    Build halted with errors.

    This is referencing to these lines:

    <!-- Compiles this project's .java files into .class files. -->
        <target name="-compile" depends="-pre-build, -build-setup, -code-gen, -pre-compile">
            <do-only-if-manifest-hasCode elseText="hasCode = false. Skipping...">
                <!-- merge the project's own classpath and the tested project's classpath -->
                <path id="project.javac.classpath">
                    <path refid="project.all.jars.path" />
                    <path refid="tested.project.classpath" />
                    <path path="${java.compiler.classpath}" />
                <javac encoding="${java.encoding}"
                        source="${java.source}" target="${java.target}"
                        debug="true" extdirs="" includeantruntime="false"
                    <src path="${source.absolute.dir}" />
                    <src path="${gen.absolute.dir}" />
                    <compilerarg line="${java.compilerargs}" />

    Haxe 3.4.3

    actuate: [1.8.7]
    flixel-addons: [2.5.0]
    flixel-demos: [2.4.1]
    flixel-templates: [2.4.3]
    flixel-tools: [1.3.0]
    flixel-ui: [2.2.0]
    flixel: [4.3.0]
    hxcpp: [3.4.64]
    lime: [2.9.1]
    openfl: [3.6.1]

    Maybe there is a easy way to fix this errors?

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