Issues Building for iOS in XCode

  • Hi All,

    Since updating to the iOS 11 SDK I am receiving the following error when building my project in XCode:

    Call to unavailable function 'system': not available on iOS

    It looks like the latest iOS SDK got rid of this 'system' function.

    I am using the following libraries:

    flixel 4.3.0
    hxcpp 3.4.64
    lime 2.9.1
    openfl 3.6.1

    I originally built the project with the following command:
    lime test -ios -Dsource-header=0

    Prior to upgrading to iOS 11 my game was building just fine. The game still runs on my phone, however I can no longer generate a new build, as this error is hindering progress.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I actually modified the Sys.cpp file to read as follows on line 264:

    #if defined(HX_WINRT) || defined(EMSCRIPTEN) || defined(EPPC) || defined(APPLETV) || defined(HX_APPLEWATCH) || defined(IPHONE)

    The defined(IPHONE) was not in the original if statement.

    This did the trick, and it looks like the latest version of hxcpp (not yet released) fixes the issue as well.

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