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  • hello,

    this is a question that is directly affecting & involving 'FlappyBalt', the example on this here websiterings.

    now i have been a wee busy scottish beaver making a kha version of it, which ive called KhappyBalt, since its done in kha. mainly because im bed ridden due to severe back & neck pain. its been some good practice. the game, not the pain ;)
    added in sound, going to add in menus & even an information page. which says about where the original is from, how it was made etc. what language was used blah blah blah.
    its not my original work, so will be giving links & notices back, but of course. give credit where credit is due. namely the original person who made it along with the artist etc

    but ive been toying with many different outputted versions of it. html, ios, android, desktop etc. all work. very well.

    but i was wanting to ask whether i could use the assets to post this online, on say the google play store & elsewhere.
    nothing will be charged, at all, of course. but its more a way to get peoples eyes on haxe & the awesomeness that it is.

    i just wanted to ask first really. to be good about it, rather than a cheeky wee crack sniffing rabbit.

    there is no contact page on the site. so just thinking it would be ok to ask here ;)


    lewis lepton

  • administrators

    Personally I don't mind. Note that the HaxeFlixel version of Flappybalt is just a port itself (mentioned in the Readme here), in case you want to check with the original author (I think the person who ported it from AS3 to Haxe got Adam's permission).

  • oh cool.

    well im gonna change up slightly & not do android/ios release. just stick with html on itch, pointing to the original conversion etc.
    links & all that cack.

    if anyone wants to play a really basic version, its here

    ill contact adam later on once things are up, or at least right at the end.
    really, its just one way for me to do something, but on the plus side, shows haxe in action. sure its not haxeflixel, but haxe none-the-less ;)

  • @gama11 well what ive done is changed things up quite a bit in the plan. BUT, its in better shape & playable right now here

    my plan is to now actually make this little project into a game series. its a series ive been planning for ages, so now ive near finished this small conversion, ill use this as the basis.
    i posted an update post about what the future plan will be.

    so it wont be put on play store. all that it will do is be a kha tutorial game series, alongside my current series.

    thanks anyhow

  • well i have now actually released it in the public. still some work to do on it.
    need to solve the smoothing of the spike movement plus other cack.

    but all in all. im happy with it so far. but wont start the series until its fully finished

    this will also act as the game that i will kick off the game tutorial series i have been planning what feels like since the 60s or 70s.

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