Weird Flixel Version Error

  • So. I'm trying to implement the Dynamic Shadows demo into my game. I copy everything over and I hit build to test. However, it stops and breaks at the shadowCanvas and shadowOverlay objects in the processShadows function. There are these errors:

    FlxSprite has no field fill, drawSimple, drawCircle, drawPolygon.

    I scratch my head and check my version numbers, they are the same. I check the project example instead of looking at the github. It states the same code. In my own flashdevelop project, I check what fields I can access. Sure enough, the only draw field I can access is the draw field. No other draw fields. I copy the Dynamic Shadows example over to the desktop and check there, however, I can, access all the appropriate fields on that project. Just not the one I'm working in for some reason.

    Anyone know why I'm not able to access certain fields?

  • Class path issue. -.-'

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