FlxDungeon Plugin Issue

  • So I'm using the FlxDungeon example from here: https://github.com/leoncvlt/flx-dungeon-generator

    to help with some procedural levels. I like it, but I want to have some wider doors. It has a supposed solution for that within the class itself. I've opened up an issue but I doubt the creator is that involved any more. I've made several changes with regards to room and corridor size and have changed the tile size to 16x16 and have switched the pixel tiles from 4 to 16. Here is the bit of code that I'm trying to work with:

    // Possiblilty of linking rooms
    		else if (roomDone == 2) {
    			if (mapArr[exitY2][exitX2] == 0) {
    				if (Utils.randrange(0, 100) < 0) { // tweak this number up and don't place doors if you want big open areas connected with huge entrance and corridors
    					makePortal(exitX, exitY);
    				failed += 1;

    I am not entirely sure what number it wants me to tweak up. I've tried a few things related with commenting out makePortal and have gotten crashes and others no changes at all that I could see.

    What makePortal is is a request of 3 random numbers and depending on what they are room openings are placed. So, I don't know what to do here to get the effect the comment is describing.

    Can anyone help me with this please?

    Basically I'm trying to get this here:


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