Neko vs Native?

  • Is there any major downside to deploying a game targeting Neko versus Native (Windows in this case)?

    I imagine performance might be slightly worse due to the VM, but are there any other issues to be aware of? Unfortunately, right now I can't test performance of the native build myself - just Neko.

  • @wavelet I guess performances will be better with native

    That said you can't go above 60fps... So if your game goes at steady 60fps on both, who cares ? You yes, evidently, but definitely not the vast majority of end users, who don't give a crap as long as performances are great

    Look at minecraft, it's in java... Well i don't want to code a game in java, and I won't take much risks by saying pretty much nobody here wants to code a game or anything in java

    Minecraft players obviously don't care as long as it works, and works great

    Now technically you can go above 60fps, but you get the idea, your game isn't supposed to go above


    The size might be the real downside, but I'm not sure

  • It's not slightly worse, it's a lot worse. Don't measure with fps, measure with milliseconds, they tend to accumulate the more code you have, and if they accumulate more than 16 ms per frame, the player will have less than 60 fps. If you have steady 60 fps, but with steady 15 ms (draw + update), you're in trouble.

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