Getting Hello World to work: directory/path .hxml issue

  • Hello. I'm attempting to compile and run the hello world example from the haxelflixel website ( with Sublime Text.
    I have tried clicking on 'build' in Sublime Text, which results in the console providing the list of commands for the command line and the console error "could not process argument build.hxml (file not found)". i added build.hxml, but it was still giving different error messages or printing a list of commands. i have also tried typing "lime test windows" in the console like it says in the example which results in "you must have a "project.xml" or specify another valid project file when using the 'test' command." what is the equivalent of 'build' from the command line? My most recent attempt at the command line was "haxe -main Main -js javascript.js", which resulted in an the error: "Type not found: Main." It seems like it does know my project is there. My hxml currently looks like this:
    -main Main
    -js javascript.js
    Thanks for all your patience and help.

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    You can't build HaxeFlixel games with haxe directly / with a hxml file. OpenFL / Lime has its own build system, but afaik, the Sublime Text plugin should support that.

    lime test windows should work, were you in the correct directory?

  • @gama11 i think it will work now, if i could set the path correctly.
    I got an html 5 example working with another framework, and it changed the active path to that project. Now i get "Warning: could not find environment variables for Visual Studio. Missing HXCPP. Error: Could not automatically setup MSVC.

    I have tried other examples and it has moved the active path. how do i move the path back to Hello World in Lime? Thank for your help. I'll have more time to spend on this later today.

  • Hi. I figured out how to change directories with 'cd', and then i typed 'lime test flash', and now it doesn't seem to think flixel is installed, but i have installed it three times and updated it. Not sure what it wrong. should i try to uninstall all of the original installation? and hope a clean reinstall fixes it? Thanks for your help.

  • I don't know if any of this is relevant:
    actuate 1.8.7
    box 2d 1.2.3
    flixel addons 2.5.0
    flixel demos 2.4.6
    flixel-templates 2.4.6
    flixel-tools 1.4.1
    flixel-ui 2.2.0
    flixel-ui 2.2.0
    flixel 4.3.0
    hxcpp 3.4.188
    layout 1.2.1
    lime-samples 4.0.1
    lime 6.0.1
    open-flsamples 6.0.0
    openfl 7.0.0

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    Your lime and openfl versions are too recent. Try this:

    haxelib set openfl 3.6.1
    haxelib set lime 2.9.1

  • @gama11 I did that, and now all of the examples work except 'lime test windows', which gives "C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib
    hxcpp/3,4,188/bin/windows/std.dll does not exist." what is 'lime test neko' generating that looks like a Windows app?

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    @expiredninja Similarly, try this for hxcpp:

    haxelib set hxcpp 3.3.49

  • I did that and have pages of errors now. I need a better client for the command line to copy/paste them all. "export/windows/cpp/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:80: characters 47-65 : Warning : Use programPath instead
    Creating c:/Users/Bob/Hello World/export/windows/cpp/obj/obj/msvc16-ncxp/__pch/haxe/hxcpp.pch...
    "Compile: src/sys/io/Fileoutput.cpp..."
    Is there a way to run it with errors?

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