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  • Hi there, is there currently a "copy to/paste from clipboard" functionality? Preferably supported on all haxeflixel platforms, but the most important one right now would be flash. If there is no such function, what would be the approach to write that on my own?

    The demand for this functionality arises, as I want to create a "save string" which I can then paste into the users clipboard so they can save and load their progress.

    I know there is flixel.utils.FlxSave but this seems not what I wanted. (however, is it working using cookies when using flash/html5?)

    Best regards and thanks so far!

  • administrators

    I don't think Flash allows direct access to the clipboard for security reasons (except for AIR). The easiest solution would be to create a TextField that the user can patse into / copy from manually (which should work cross-platform as well).

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