Is it cool to use FlxState for EVERY game object?

  • I'm uncertain how to go about things now that I've learned FlxSprite is not a displayObject type thing.

    Can someone describe to me how HaxeFlixel wants things done? Just a bunch of factorys in the playstate? What if I'm dealing with multiple coordinate systems that would benefit from nested Display objects?

    Right now I'm just using a flxState as a container for every game object. It does not have its own coordinate space.


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    Using FlxState for that is definitely a very unusual approach... So you're add()ing FlxState instances to the main FlxState / game state?

    Usually you'd use a FlxSpriteGroup or a FlxNestedSprite. Neither of them are proper "display object containers" like you might be used to from the Flash API though.

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